ARx-38 & 48: Brainerd Diarrhea – Civilizing Mission CS & Insulto – Desgracia . . . CS

“Civilizing Mission” is the brand new release of raging, one-man crustgrind from Canada‚Äôs BRAINERD DIARRHEA; now available from Acid Redux Productions! Features almost half an hour of drum-machine-fueled, heavy duty grindcore including covers of S.O.B., Gofuckyourself, Agathocles, Code 13, Barcass, System Shit, Napalm Death, and more. Limited to 150 professionally manufactured cassette tapes: 75 acrid smoke; 75 pitch black.

rctk“Desgracia, miseria, odio y muerte es demencia, mentira y degradacion del poder” is the debut EP of premium deathgrind from Argentina’s INSULTO, features over thirteen minutes of bulldozing, technical grindcore out now from Acid Redux Productions! Professionally manufactured, and shrinkwrapped cassette tapes limited to 200 total copies: 100 silver mercury; 100 white shroud.