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ARx-32: Haggus – Mince That Fucker 7″


Debut EP by greasy mincecore maniacs from Oakland, CA is now available on vinyl! Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions, FYL Records, Night Business Records, Mullet Death Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records, & Accidental Leather Records.

ARx-42: Acid Feast / Glob CS

mLong awaited split between gory mincecore trio ACID FEAST from Washington and bad daddy grindcore duo GLOB from Texas is finally available! Limited to 200 professionally-manufactured cassettes. Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions & Nihilistic Despair Records.

ARx-43: Misa Histerica / Eskizo CDr-Pro


Brand new split between raging solo crust/hardcore MISA HISTERICA from Chile, and noisy d-beat duo ESKIZO from Middle Georgia is available now! Recorded live in Macon, GA on the MH 2016 USA tour. Professionally-manufactured disc/insert, shrink-wrapped in standard jewel case. Get your copy now exclusively from Acid Redux Productions!

ARx-39: Agathocles / Rottingrex CS

stickerBrand new split with half an hour of raging grindcore from Belgium and Indonesia is out now! Cover available in four different colors, each including a b/w vinyl sticker; featuring original artwork by Cosmic Void Dark Art! Strictly limited to 160 copies in total.

ARx-18: Strategic War Heads – (U.S.) War Head CS

1274941_810817672338058_6606074701077149368_oOfficial debut EP release by STRATEGIC WAR HEAD, extreme grindcore distortionists from Atlanta, GA – f.f.o. Excruciating Terror; is now available from ARP! Limited to 200 professionally-manufactured cassette tapes. Co-released by Acid Redux Productions, Night Business Records, & Kitchen Vomit Records.

ARx-33 & 34: SFC – Kill For Tradition CS & Realized/CTK CS

Reissue of the debut EP by crusty detuned Peruvian mincers, SMELLING FETID CORPSE, is now available on professionally-manufactured cassette tape with 2.25″ pin included.

This split between thrashing Japanese hardcore masters, REALIZED, and crushing Malaysian grindcore unit, COMPULSION TO KILL, is now available on professionally-manufactured cassette tape with 2.25″ pin included.

01/10: ARP + FPR Presents

Acid Redux Productions + Fresh Produce Records present:

1/10 – MDFL // Grinchfinger // Strategic Warheads // Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate // Cute & Cuddly Kittens // Eskizofrenia

M.D.F.L (Cleveland)
Ripping Ohio grindcore returns to Macon
Grinchfinger (Macon)
Vomit grind from beneath the cemetery
Strategic War Heads (Atlanta)
Noisy ATL grindcore
Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate (Jacksonville)
Grindviolence from Florida
Cute & Cuddly Kittens (Jacksonville)
Floridian goregrind
Eskizofrenia (Central GA)
First show – Hard punk for hard punks

ARx-36: G.O.D. – Body Horror CS

G.O.D.The official cassette tape version of the debut full-length release from gorey Canadian grinders, GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT, is now available from Acid Redux Productions! Features 25 ear-blistering trax, including covers of REPULSION, CARNAGE, CSSO, & FATO. Available on randomly colored, professionally dubbed, cassette tapes with paper labels; limited to 150 copies. Coreleased by Grindfather Productions (UK).

ARx-27: Mesrine / G.O.D. 7″


This long awaited split between old-school grindcore and modern goregrind from Canada is now available from Acid Redux Productions! Limited to 1000 copies on transparent red vinyl. Co-released with EveryDayHate, Addiction to War, Grindfather Prod., ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Nihilistic Despair, Schizosound, Crit De Fastic, and Canchis Canchis!

ARx-31: Chronic Waste – Procreation of the Wasted CS

1274941_810817672338058_6606074701077149368_oThe debut EP release by this deadly new grindcore outfit from St. Petersburg, RU is now available from Acid Redux Productions! Features members of Camphora Monoboromata and SRAM. Available on randomly colored, professionally dubbed, cassette tapes with paper labels. Co-released with No Bread! and Grindfather Productions.

ARx-29: Girth – First 3 Splits mCDr


This compilation of material from the first three cassette splits by Michigan-based, insane grindcore duo, GIRTH, is available now from Acid Redux Productions! Includes material from previously-released splits with Acid Feast, a 3-way with Na’kay and Deterioration, and Morbid Obesity; with 12 tracks clocking in at around 14 minutes. The 3″-sized CDr comes with full-color packaging in a mini slim-case, limited to 80 total copies.

ARx-20: Bungus / Soy 7″


The Bungus and Soy EP is now available in the store after a preposterous wait.  Brutal death grind from Canada vs. oldschool Candian powerviolence. The Bungus side features 4 exclusive scorchers including an Assück cover, while Soy perform their final two songs ever. Coreleased in 2013 by ARP, Third Eye Grind, Opaqus Records, Bleed 4 Speed, 36th Chamber of Thrash, and No One’s Ark.

ARx-23: Grinchfinger / Violent Gorge 7″


After a long delay, the Grinchfinger and Violent Gorge EP is finally available.  3 new tracks of Grinchfinger’s signature vomit grind paired with 7 of the noisiest, wildest Violent Gorge numbers to date.  Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. Coreleased by Aggressive Valley, Bloody Scythe Records, Friendly Otter, Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records, Grind Your Mind Records, Grindfather Productions, Nihilistic Despair Records, and Third Eye Grind Records.


Spring Cleaning Sale


We need to tidy up and make room for some new items, so all orders received from 3/2 til 3/9 will be marked down 25%. Just enter coupon code “springcleaning” at checkout to apply your discount, and thanks for supporting ARP in 2015!

ARx-26: Deboned / Nekro Drunkz CS

1274941_810817672338058_6606074701077149368_oNow available for the new year, a hearty helping of disgusting grind from Canada and the U$A.  Deboned hail from Quebec, and are following up an excellent 2013 demo here. Nekro Drunkz is a long-running Oregon toilet grind institution, and have been spreading their message in new territory recently. For fans of Impetigo and Repulsion! Coreleased by Basement Dweller Recordings, Third Eye Grind, and Grindfather Productions.

ARx-25: Agitate / Grunt / Chetwrecker / Bungus 12″


Brand new four-way split 12″ vinyl release with exclusive material from raging Minneapolis, MN grinders AGITATE; Montana’s scummy grind freaks GRUNT; intense powerviolence jerks CHETWRECKER from Oakland, CA; and the mighty Canadian blast team BUNGUS. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Coreleased by Eat Records, Crust Punks Distro, Up Yours Records, Grindfather Productions, Mullet Death Records, Gorship Records, and Sound Monger Records.


09/19: ARP + FPR Presents

Acid Redux Productions + Fresh Produce Records presents:

Mymanmike – 마이맨마이크 (Seoul, South Korea)
Asian hardcore powerviolence trio on tour in North America to promote their newly released LP, entitled “I’m Pregnant”!
Violent Opposition (San Rafael, CA)
Pissed off Bay Area powerviolence touring the badlands. Ex-Lack of Interest, Noisear, Bad Acid Trip.
Harsh words (Athens, GA)
Thrashing hardcore maniacs from North Georgia coming to ruin your ears and drink your beers. Ex-Gripe/Shaved Christ/American Cheeseburger.
Grinchfinger (Macon, GA)
All morbidly intoxicated grind freaks and guests are cordially invited to help celebrate the Grinchfinger’s beloved guitarist/vocalist George’s birthday!

ARx-24: Agathocles / Shitnoise Bastards CS


Brand new professionally manufactured cassette split between AGATHOCLES–legendary mincing grinders from Belgium, and SNB–insane blasting noisecore from Malaysia. Two different cover variants are available. Limited to 200 copies total. Co-released by DIY Attack Mini Distro, Stocked Distro, Sacrificial Taes, and Total Shit Production.


ARx-22: Meatal Ulcer – Craniopagus Parasiticus CS


Official re-release of this 2012 compilation tape from hyperblasting Australian goregrinders MEATAL ULCER out now! Side A features six exclusive tracks along with two bonus tracks from the demo session. Side B features the Intermittent Claudication demo in its entirety. Includes a full, five panel j-card + a vinyl logo sticker packaged in yellow tinted box. Strictly limited to 100 hand numbered, professionally manufactured copies from Acid Redux Productions.

Two New Releases


We are happy to announce two new ARP releases.  ARx-21 JEWMAN PREGNANT ‘Femen Machista’ CS is now available for purchase in the webstore.  This EP contains 12 brand-new blasting hardcore numbers in the vein of RUPTURE or NETJAJEV SS.  After much trepidation, ARx-14 MISANTHROPIC NOISE / VIOLENT GORGE 10″ is also now available in the store.  This excellent work documents two of North America’s most intense grind units. Distros can contact us directly for wholesale information on both of these new titles.


ARx-17: Baixo Calão / SRAM 7″

The brand-new 7″ vinyl split between Brazilian grinders BAIXO CALÃO and Russian grindcore unit SRAM is now available. This piece of wax features four tracks of crushing and precise  grindcore from each band, including SRAM’s cover of ‘I Shit On Your Grave’ by Autopsy. Co-released by Neolithic Productions (RU), No Bread Records (RU), Destroy Sounds Records (RU), Hyperion Records (HR), and Sacrificial Tapes (UK).

ARx-16: Archagathus / Violent Gorge 7″

Our newest release is now available in the store. This 7-inch pairs two of Canada’s best brother bands ARCHAGATHUS and VIOLENT GORGE in a grindcore grandstand. Limited red splatter vinyl copies available for mail-order only.

Look out soon for copies of our next releases, BAIXO CALÃO / SRAM 7″,  ROTTINGREX / CAMPHORA MONOBROMATA CS, and JEWMAN PREGNANT “Femen Machista” CS.


Welcome to the new ARP website.  Above, you can access our full store and a functional cart for domestic and international customers.  Please excuse any bugs you might run into, as we are still somewhat under construction.  Be sure to check back frequently for label and distro updates, as well news about our upcoming releases! ARP