ARx-79: PHARMACIST – Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence [Extended Jurisdiction] MC

Official reissue of the first demo EP by decrepit deathgrind doctors from Japan. PHARMACIST hails the goregods of the early days with resective riffing and buccoplastic beats FFO Carcass and Pathologist. This special reissue features three additional bonus songs that were not included on the original release.
Professionally manufactured second pressing limited to 100 copies on yellow cassette tape with black imprint.

ARx-74: PHARMACIST – Medical Renditions of Grinding Decomposition MC

Debut full length including nine surgical tracks of pathological deathgrind from Japan. Inspired by classical goregrind masterworks FFO Carcass, Pathologist, & General Surgery!!!!! Beautiful cover art by Strange Creature Collages. Professionally manufactured third pressing limited to 100 copies on gold cassette tape with black imprint.