Infected Religion / Fetid Zombie MC


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“Festering Abomination”
Pummeling deathgrind from the United States vs. solo death metal from the mind of Mark Riddick ft. guests appearances from Jaye Quigely (ZEALOT CULT), Dawn Desiree (ex-RAIN FELL WITHIN), Malcolm Pugh (INFERI), & Andrew Lee (RIPPED TO SHREDS). Art collaboration between Shoggoth Kinetics & Riddick Art. Professionally manufactured white cassette shell with black imprint. Released by Morbid Visions Music, 2021.

Morbid Visions says: “A limited edition split cassette release between underground American extreme metal bands—FETID ZOMBIE (Mark Riddick) and INFECTED RELIGION (Lucas Korte)! FETID ZOMBIE, along with special guests, deliver straight forward old school death metal while INFECTED RELIGION pummel with unrelenting death-grind fused with a healthy dose of old school thrash. In addition to the auditory assault, Riddick and Korte join forces to conjure stunning visuals to accompany the release. Don’t miss out on this exclusive audio/visual match up!”

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