Necromorbid – Sathanarchrist Assaulter MC


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Intense and nihlisitic Italian blackdeath / war metal defilers for those who love the goat. Professionally manufactured black cassette tape with red imprint and RBW insert, limited to 200 total copies. Released by Caligari Records, 2020.

Caligari Records says: “Florence, Italy based bestial trio NECROMORBID are back with a cruel and savage offering; Sathanarchrist Assaulter reminisces of their devirginizing debut El Dia de la Bestia, but delivers bestial devastation two-fold with rabid and impeccable delivery, furious bone-shattering speed and, for a change, crisp in your face production. Sathanarchrist Assaulter show NECROMORBID at the peak of their hate and vitriol.”

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