Tapasya – Unrelenting Terror 1997-2002 CD


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Raw Brazilian crust grind featuring Jeferson from ROT/Helvetin Viemärit. CD collection combiming tracks from the split tape with Stomachal Corrosion, the “Where Is The Wine Sessions” demo tape, and the “Intoxicated Studio Live & Pissed” demo tape. Crucial third-world grindcore for the initiated. Professionally manufactured compact disc in jewelcase. BR import. Corelease by Old Grindered Days Recs, Purgatorius Records, Cianeto Discos, Goretomb Records, Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos, Zuada Rec., Virus Productions, Turbulation Prods, Cranio Records, Gritos De Revolta Distro, Putr-Essence Distro, N.I.N.P. Tapes Records, Positive Youth Records, Dente Pôdi Records, DORxDExBARRIGA Records And Distro, & Death Agony and Screams, 2013.

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