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ARx-75: Coming Soon


We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Verthebral’s ‘Abysmal Decay’ full length on professionally manufactured cassette tape with full color insert in a 6-panel layout. The quartet from Paraguay have been sharpening their blades since the ‘Adultery of Soul’ EP (2015) and following full length ‘Regeneration’ (2017). This second full length album features ten intense tracks of deity defying death metal with absolute ripper solos, bone breaking drumming, and oldschool vocal delivery clocking in at just over 40 minutes. Officially licensed from Transcending Obscurity Records. Available Fall 2020 from Acid Redux Productions!

Summer 2020 Update

NORTH AMERICAN GRIND FREAKS 10″/MC/CD are all available and shipping out now
UNHOLYGRAVE_COMPadvertisementoutnowENGROSS ‘Inconceivable Horror’ MC is en route and will be available very soonengross_outsoonCARBONIZED INNOCENTS ‘Demo 2020’ CDr out this month, MC version out Fall 2020IMG_20200531_224227657_2 (1)BORN BACKWARDS / SHRIVEL UP MC split available in the next few weeks as well

PHARMACIST ‘Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence’ MC w/ sticker out in July

Most ARP releases are discounted 15%-50% off in the webstore until 7/1! Its a great time to grab cheap tapes, CDs, and vinyl from many international grind bands, including GRINCHFINGER, TERMINATED, LUNK, INSULTO, NEUROLOGICAL DECAY, BRAINERD DIARRHEA, and more.…/arp-releases/

ARx-64: V/A – North American Grind Freaks


“A North American compilation tribute to legendary Japanese grind freaks, UNHOLY GRAVE! Thirteen extreme bands pay homage to the raw grinding masters with nearly 20 minutes of covers spanning the history of this crucial band.”

We were notified that digital distribution of ARx-64: V/A – North American Grind Freaks was released to our partners, & everything has finally been approved for the physical release! You can order the album on professionally manufactured 10″ Vinyl, CD, or Cassette Tape format directly from the Acid Redux Productions webstore.

Also available via your favorite streaming services, including iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

ARx-64: Vinyl Preorder

NAGF Vinyl

*Vinyl preorder is now live on Bandcamp and the ARP webstore*

A North American compilation tribute to legendary Japanese grind freaks, UNHOLY GRAVE! Thirteen extreme bands pay homage to the raw grinding masters with nearly 20 minutes of covers spanning the history of this crucial band. Features exclusive cover songs by Sulfuric Cautery, PLF, Heinous, Grinchfinger, Landfill, Born Backwards, Disease, Melting Rot, Brainerd Diarrhea, Los Reyesz Bong Death, Minimum Wage Assassins, Girth, & Archagathus. Released on 10″ vinyl (400 black/100 silver total), CD (500 total) in pocket-style sleeve & Cassette Tape (100 total) formats; professionally manufactured, sealed, & numbered by Acid Redux Productions, 2019/2020.

Also available via your favorite streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, & more!



ARx-64: V/A ‘North American Grind Freaks’ (MC/CD/10″)
A North American compilation tribute to legendary Japanese grind freaks, UNHOLY GRAVE! Thirteen extreme bands pay homage to the raw grinding masters with nearly 20 minutes of covers spanning the history of this crucial band. Available on tape, CD, and vinyl formats soon exclusively from Acid Redux Productions.

ARx-55: Heinous / SxOxTxEx 10″

“Apprehended Dead” / “Information Era Paranoia” – U.S. desert gore freaks split with H.U. hateful grind fiends! Having completed a 2019 EU tour together, these big hitters share space on a slab of wax for the ages. HEINOUS slay seven tracks of heavy slamming goregrind in the vein of Dead Infection and Regurgitate! SxOxTxEx pop off with seven blasts of blistering grindcore for fans of Warsore and Rot! Two versions: Plain black vinyl; and blue vinyl available only via mail order from ARP.

ARx-56: Haggus – Plausibility of Putridity 12″

The debut full length release from U.S. mincing masters, HAGGUS, is now available from ARP! Features fifteen tracks of downtuned goregrind / grindcore for fans of Squash Bowels & Agathocles. Limited to 900 black vinyl copies (this), and 200 yellow vinyl copies in total. Corelease with lots of labels around the world!


Halloween Sale 2019

💀🎃🎃👻 Halloween sale is live…..
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ARx-67: Fumigated – Composted MC

fumigatedOfficial cassette tape release scorcher from Ohio butchers, FUMIGATED.  Bulldozer goregrind debut concocted by alums of PIZZAHIFIVE, COUPLE SKATE, FLESH SALAD, etc. 8 tracks of Midwestern mayhem available now from ARP. Prepare for pyro riffs and ignition blasts reducing any dwelling to kindling in a matter of seconds!  Limited quantities available as many were destroyed in transit.

ARx-57: Baixo Calão – Necrológio CD

Another BAIXO CALÃO release on Acid Redux Productions has been highly anticipated after spearheading the 2014 split with Russian mincers SRAM. It is a landmine third album from these dedicated Brazilian crushers with eighteen tracks of alcohol-fueled grindcore abuse! Following a raw debut, ‘Tu Crias’ (2008), and pummeling follow-up, ‘Atmo Mediokra’ (2012), they have managed to scrape out a handful of split releases with raging grind/crust bands worldwide–most recently sharing space with Czech beasts Lycanthrophy (Official); and invaded Europe for a devastating live performance at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2012. ‘Necrológio’ mourns the passing of time, paying tribute through insane riffing and relentless blastbeats to days gone by. Packaged in a professionally manufactured and sealed digipack, including a 12-panel booklet with lyrics, graphics, and additional info. Now available from Acid Redux Productions!

ARx-63: Toughguy / Born Backwards MC

ARP brings you a special U.S. version of this tasty split tape between Russian mincing goregrind miscreants, TOUGHGUY, and outrageous American grindcore duo, BORN BACKWARDS. Get lit with an appetizing assortment of delectable tunes for bean freaks! Limited to 50 professionally manufactured copies, available on two different tape shell colors: 25 Arm & Hammer orange / 25 grenade green.
Limited promotional copies distributed while supplies last!

ARx-37: Matka Teresa / T.O.D.A. 7″


After a four year delay this powerful split is finally out! Featuring seven tracks of brutal grindcore including a Patereni cover from Dutch legends, MATKA TERESA, and six outrageously polished tracks including an Exit Wound cover from Indonesian blasters, TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK. Coreleased with Extreme Terror Production, Grind Your Mind Records, Grindfather Productions, Rotten Gorol Production, & Zas Autoproduzione. Black vinyl available now from Acid Redux Productions.

ARx-53: MDFL / Lunk 7″


After hitting a wall, this protein packed record sees some real gains. Muscle-bound roid raging Lima powerlifting duo LUNK beat the shit out of a trio of scrawny MDFL idiots from Cleveland, and use their split as a trophy to Ohio grindcore stupidity! Coreleased with FYL Records. Black & randomly colored vinyl now available from ARP!

Tax Season Sale

Through May 1st, 2019
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ARx-60: Hutt – Apocalipster MC

ARP presents the highly anticipated official reissue of the most recent full-length album from Brazilian horror grinders, HUTT! Explicitly active and more brutal than ever, Apocalipster is rife with crunching riffs that kill, and maniacal blasting from beyond the grave. Prepare your funeral arrangements before listening to this reeking array of 25 tracks designed for murder. Rotten grindcore steals half an hour of your life you will never want to have back! Professionally manufactured and sealed cassette tapes reside in special slip-covers; featuring a completely redesigned layout from the original CD version, in order to display in maximum carnage the brilliant cover art and gruesome lyric panel designs. Limited to 100 total copies with black imprint on jack-o’-lantern orange colored cassette shells.

ARx-28: Violent Gorge / Lt. Dan CDr & more!


ARx-28: Official CDr-Pro reissue of this long-delayed split between defunct Canadian lo-fi grind champs VIOLENT GORGE, and Michigan’s greasy mince trio LT. DAN! Featuring unreleased recordings by both bands from 2013. Professionally-manufactured CDr with print on disc, limited to 45 copies in total. Forty copies in paper sleeves packaged with original 7″ covers with polybags, and five special copies packaged with CD formatted covers in slim jewel case. Reissued exclusively by Acid Redux Productions.

rctkARx-49: Official cassete tape reissue of sick horror grind from Brazil collecting their tracks from Crushing The Grindcore Trademark split CD originally released in 2006; a.k.a. Horro ao Cubo! Factory sealed in blue norelco case; limited to 100 total copies with black imprint on yellow fever colored cassette shells.

rctkARx-58: French grindcore virtuosos, YATTAÏ, teach some precise lessons to Argentine death grinding maniacs, INSULTO, and fellow French noisy grinding bastards, BORDEL SONORE! Limited to 100 copies total on solid gray cassette shells.


ARx-59: Friendship noisecore collective from USA! Legendary noisecore pioneers from Brazil! Black vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Reopening Sale

app-icon2 @acidreduxproductions

The store is open for business once again as we finish off the last of our massive order backlog. Our ten-year resolutions for 2019 are to get orders out faster, manage our inventory more effectively, and communicate with our supporters more promptly. To say THANKS to our first-time and returning customers, we are knocking 20% off all orders of $20 or more when you enter coupon code ‘20percent‘ at checkout. Look out for numerous product updates in the near future; and follow our new Instagram page for more ways to keep in touch!

ARx-46: Horrible Pain / Sulfuric Cautery 12″


What will likely be our final release of the year takes full form in the delayed split of no-frills grindcore from Canada versus intense grindcore from the United States, released for your listening displeasure after long years in limbo! Features forbidding collage cover art by Seth Rothberg (Gowl) on oversized folder style covers with extra flap. Strictly limited to 500 total copies on single-sided, black vinyl. Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions, Blastaddict, Feelgoodgrind, Grindfather Productions, & Syrup Head Recordings!


ARx-54: Stoma – Cumfarting Shit Tube MC

sicFresh bowel movements from Dutch gory grind masters, STOMA, including covers of DEATH & RGTE classicks; plus bonus live material. Limited 200 professionally-manufactured, imprinted acid green cassette tapes w/ plastic case sealed in censored slipcover.
Now available exclusively from Acid Redux Productions!!

ARx-44: Grinchfinger / Camphora Monobromata 7″


ARP is happy to announce the release of this overdue split featuring GRINCHFINGER’s blasting ballads of morbid slaughter from the swamps of Middle Georgia, USA, versus CAMPHORA MONOBROMATA’s aggressively oldschool mincecore from St. Petersburg, RU. A raw grindcore odyssey, now available for your listening pleasure! Limited to 519 total copies pressed on black vinyl. Coreleased with Third Eye Grind Records, Grindfather Productions, Lysergic Meltdown, No Bread!, Alternative Record Label, and Hotel Broslin Records.

ARx-47: Armagedonic Splatter – Horrible Malignant Sores

ndndA brand new release of filthy, raw Polish grindcore hailing the goregods from golden days with eight mincing rippers is now available from Acid Redux Productions! Butchered by a lone psychopath in 2015, these rotten drippings took three years to reach the ARP meat packing plant. Now available in the form of fifty professionally manufactured cassette tapes, and fifty professionally manufactured CDr’s.

ARx-40: Bob Plant / Sniping Pigs 7″


Continuing our onslaught of releases this year, ARP proudly announces a brand new split of devastatingly fast mince rippers from California’s gnarliest grindcore guys, BOB PLANT & SNIPING PIGS! Available now in three different colors of vinyl: boring black, purp skurp, and marble floor all with a large center-hole. Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions with Mullet Death Records, Nihilistic Despair Records, & Opaqus Records!

ARx-50: Terminated – Reality Projection Glitch MC & ARx-52: Laboratory – Experiments in Human Deprivation MC

“Reality Projection Glitch” is the debut EP of intergalactic death grind duo TERMINATED, featuring ex-HIP COPS personnel. Intercepted in 2017, Acid Redux Productions has duplicated the transmission for distribution in 2018 and beyond. Available now!

rctk LABORATORY was conceived by two members of Athens, GA’s HARSH WORDS and GRIPE, now scattered across the northern US. This newest collaboration resulted 8 mammoth tracks of highly unique goregrind, written and recorded over a breakneck 4-day reunion. Acid Redux Productions has organized a pro-tape edition for mass consumption in coordination with Faith in Failure and Blue Nose Records, now available in the web store.

Annual Tax Sale 2018

It’s that time of year again when jolly government agents refund a certain percentage of the money they stole which you worked so hard for! What better way to reign in the festive tax season than stocking up on extreme music?
Enter code tax2018 at checkout for a 15% discount on all orders of $25 or more from the ARP webstore!
arp tax sale 2018
*sale ends May 1st, 2018.

ARx-51: Incinerated / Sulfuric Cautery 7″


ARP is proud to present a new split of exotic blasting torment from smalltown America comparing cuts with sadistically detuned Rahmerized cult members from Australia. Coreleased with Blast Addict, Grindfather Productions, Misanthropic Ignorance Records, Lysergic Meltdown, Hijtrous Tyror, Feel Good Grind Tapes, & Ryan’s Tasteful Nudes, 2018.

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ARx-38 & 48: Brainerd Diarrhea – Civilizing Mission CS & Insulto – Desgracia . . . CS

“Civilizing Mission” is the brand new release of raging, one-man crustgrind from Canada’s BRAINERD DIARRHEA; now available from Acid Redux Productions! Features almost half an hour of drum-machine-fueled, heavy duty grindcore including covers of S.O.B., Gofuckyourself, Agathocles, Code 13, Barcass, System Shit, Napalm Death, and more. Limited to 150 professionally manufactured cassette tapes: 75 acrid smoke; 75 pitch black.

rctk“Desgracia, miseria, odio y muerte es demencia, mentira y degradacion del poder” is the debut EP of premium deathgrind from Argentina’s INSULTO, features over thirteen minutes of bulldozing, technical grindcore out now from Acid Redux Productions! Professionally manufactured, and shrinkwrapped cassette tapes limited to 200 total copies: 100 silver mercury; 100 white shroud.

ARx-45: SMOD – Suh Dude Demo 2016 CS

ndInternational superstar collaborative badass noisecore dudes, SUH MINUTES OF DUDE, recorded 20 songs on inferior equipment in 2016. The results are terrifying! Limited to 60 copies on various color professionally manufactured / factory sealed cassette tapes now available from ARP.

ARx-41: Neurological Decay – Severe Cognitive Impairment CS

ndDebut demo of blasting noisegrindering stupidity by NEUROLOGICAL DECAY is now available from Acid Redux Productions! Professionally-manufactured cassette tape limited to 50 total copies numbered by hand.

ARx-28: Violent Gorge / Lt. Dan 7″


Long-delayed split between defunct Canadian lo-fi grind champs VIOLENT GORGE, and Michigan’s greasy mince trio LT. DAN is now available! Featuring unreleased recordings by both bands from 2013. Randomly colored marble vinyl, limited to 600 copies in total. Coreleased with Pickle Dick Records, Crit De Fastic, ARL Records, Bloodspit Records, Grindfather Productions, Nihilistic Despair Records, and Trashfuck Records.

ARx-32: Haggus – Mince That Fucker 7″


Debut EP by greasy mincecore maniacs from Oakland, CA is now available on vinyl! Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions, FYL Records, Night Business Records, Mullet Death Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records, & Accidental Leather Records.

ARx-42: Acid Feast / Glob CS

mLong awaited split between gory mincecore trio ACID FEAST from Washington and bad daddy grindcore duo GLOB from Texas is finally available! Limited to 200 professionally-manufactured cassettes. Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions & Nihilistic Despair Records.

ARx-43: Misa Histerica / Eskizo CDr-Pro


Brand new split between raging solo crust/hardcore MISA HISTERICA from Chile, and noisy d-beat duo ESKIZO from Middle Georgia is available now! Recorded live in Macon, GA on the MH 2016 USA tour. Professionally-manufactured disc/insert, shrink-wrapped in standard jewel case. Get your copy now exclusively from Acid Redux Productions!

ARx-39: Agathocles / Rottingrex CS

stickerBrand new split with half an hour of raging grindcore from Belgium and Indonesia is out now! Cover available in four different colors, each including a b/w vinyl sticker; featuring original artwork by Cosmic Void Dark Art! Strictly limited to 160 copies in total.

ARx-18: Strategic War Heads – (U.S.) War Head CS

1274941_810817672338058_6606074701077149368_oOfficial debut EP release by STRATEGIC WAR HEAD, extreme grindcore distortionists from Atlanta, GA – f.f.o. Excruciating Terror; is now available from ARP! Limited to 200 professionally-manufactured cassette tapes. Co-released by Acid Redux Productions, Night Business Records, & Kitchen Vomit Records.

ARx-33 & 34: SFC – Kill For Tradition CS & Realized/CTK CS

Reissue of the debut EP by crusty detuned Peruvian mincers, SMELLING FETID CORPSE, is now available on professionally-manufactured cassette tape with 2.25″ pin included.

This split between thrashing Japanese hardcore masters, REALIZED, and crushing Malaysian grindcore unit, COMPULSION TO KILL, is now available on professionally-manufactured cassette tape with 2.25″ pin included.

01/10: ARP + FPR Presents

Acid Redux Productions + Fresh Produce Records present:

1/10 – MDFL // Grinchfinger // Strategic Warheads // Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate // Cute & Cuddly Kittens // Eskizofrenia

M.D.F.L (Cleveland)
Ripping Ohio grindcore returns to Macon
Grinchfinger (Macon)
Vomit grind from beneath the cemetery
Strategic War Heads (Atlanta)
Noisy ATL grindcore
Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate (Jacksonville)
Grindviolence from Florida
Cute & Cuddly Kittens (Jacksonville)
Floridian goregrind
Eskizofrenia (Central GA)
First show – Hard punk for hard punks